Tuesday, January 5, 2016


a monsoon has hit southern california today.  at least that's what us LA folk like to think of it as.  (yes, we're lame).  so i've forbidden us to leave the house and forcing the children to play "super fun" indoor games.  i guess living in california we take our usual beautiful weather for granted.  i realize how lucky we are to have so many sunny, warm weathered days in our pockets.  it truly is a gift; takes me back to this family hike the day after christmas.  70 degrees and sunny that fine day.  are you serious?! yes, yes i am.  not many people get to have that.  taking a moment now and always to be grateful for a lovely place to live which allows us to experience all that it has to offer.  here's to more beautiful days in 2016.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Morning was spent at one of our favorite places checking out the seasonal activities that October brings. Pumpkins, mazes, tractor rides and much more. It felt as though all of so cal decided to attend which actually didn't seem to bother us as it usually might. Busy and hectic, yet a pretty good time considering the amount of people.
It was cute watching Elliott watch Peyton do all the 'big kid' things that he will soon get to enjoy. He just loves watching his sister. 
One of my favorite things about here is all the wide open space. You can be apart of the hustle and bustle and then walk a little bit and immediately feel a breath of fresh air and much beauty around. Thanks for the sweet morning, Irvine.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Nowadays I am about reaching for the shoe that's most comfortable.  As a mom, on the go, heels are just not for me and honestly I don't see how it's possible that anyone would be comfortable in heels when you got a baby in one arm, a handbag on the other and spilt milk you are squatting down to clean up.  Not fun.  So... I've been perusing the internet for some cute sneakers and decided to post some outfits that inspired me.  I adore these casual yet chic looks.  Perfect #momstyle.


(photos via stylecaster)

Thursday, March 19, 2015


A little late but better than never.  Elliott turned 1 on January 21st.  Here's some photos I wanted to post just so I had it documented somewhere!  I'm so in love with this sweet, observant, playful, active and curious little boy. The mother/son bond is truly a special one.  And just to note.. the popcorn in the cones was a hit with the kiddos! 

Monday, October 27, 2014


Two things I will always be obsessed with:  
1)  Stripes, in any and all form/color/shape/size
2)  Dainty necklaces.  Gold is my favorite.

Both these necklaces worn are from my new favorite and affordable company, STRANDS.  They have a wonderful selection that fits many tastes.  I love that all their dainty necklaces layer well together.  Now the best part, really, about finding this company is I have met the absolutely most lovely person and now friend.  Shout out to Ellery! (Not to mention her partner in Strands is also adorable!)  :)  So happy to have met this girl and her sweet fam!

On to this shirt.. umm Old Navy has got it goin on with this button up.. am I right?!  (similar and on sale! HERE)  I bought two sizes up because I like to wear this style oversized and tucked in the front.  It's a classic piece that will always be in my closet.  I own a few more that are similar. Not shown, but i paired the shirt with a slim distressed boyfriend jean and my birkenstocks.  It's a no fail outfit for me.  Take notes of outfits like this that you always feel great in.  Then those days you are staring at your closet wondering what the heck to put on, you can pick one of your no fail outfits and feel good!

Photos taken by my 3 1/2 year old.  Excluding her portrait at the bottom ;)

the little photographer of my outfit :-)

Thursday, August 28, 2014


California summers seem to be endless, especially when amazing boots and adorable chunky sweaters start popping up in stores in August.  It's still 98 degrees outside, guys.  "I'm still sweating here in my light tank top and cut offs." But when we get the slightest cool down, you know I will be all about these fall transitional pieces!  Here's some inspiration on how to style your summer to fall look.  Chunky sweaters/military jackets with shorts, blazer/denim over dresses, booties (with anything really!), leather skinnies with summer sandals, and newer to the scene.. the culotte is coming back around! Pair it with heels!  What are your favorite summer to fall transitional pieces?

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