Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Peyton turned 18 months yesterday!  What in the world happened to my chubby little baby?  She's growing up too fast!  I just adore this little girl and look forward to all the new adventures ahead with her and our little family.  At 18 months:

-finally has a lovey.. aden and anais bamboo muslin blankets (she insists to have it in car rides, naps, and nighttime).  calls it her 'beebee'.

-loves playing with the hose and water outside

-has 12 teeth, and lots of drooling lately means more to come soon!

-obsessed with a recorded book by my mother.  loves to hear grammy's voice :)

-eats like a champ.  fruits, veggies, meats.. she's into it all.

-newest word is 'stuck'.  hand in her snack cup.. 'stuck'.  can't get her shoe off .. 'stuck'.  mommy takes too long to get her out of her car seat.. 'stuck'!

-seems to be right handed.  uses her fork and spoon with right hand so i figure that's a sign?

-singing calms her down.  her favorites i sing to her are itsy, bitsy spider, mary had a little lamb, row row row your boat.

-has different laughs.  a can't help it i am getting tickled and can't breathe laugh.  a fake, short laugh.  a being silly, loud laugh/shreik, a genuine i thought that was funny, hearty laugh.

-loads of energy.  very curious.  independent.  fearless.  happy. 

 I just love this little cuteness.


  1. Gorgeous little girl!! Cute little shoes ;)

  2. awww, she is a cutie :)
    xox, Pam