Thursday, February 28, 2013


I may be slightly obsessed with Miranda Kerr.  Reason #1:  One word.. GORGEOUS! Those dark locks, exotic features, glowing skin, and great physique are stunning.  Reason #2:  She is a young mom. (As am I!)  Well, she's 29.  I still consider that to be young for motherhood these days.  Her off-duty mom look are always put together and it motivates me to get up and get ready every day so I feel like a confident and beautiful momma.  Reason #3:  She has impeccable style.  A very classic look with a modern twist.  Her chic, yet comfortable street style is very inspiring.  She is great at mixing and pairing.  I envy your closet, Miranda!  Reason #4:  She is tall.  I know this sounds silly but it's not always easy dressing for a tall person.  Some things just don't work.  I used to obsess over outfits worn by stars such as Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth, and MK & A.  Then I'd try something similar and it just didn't work.  Probably because they are are all under 5'5"! (I'm almost 5'11").  Anyways, I started looking at ladies who were taller and starting noting their fashion choices and what looked best on a taller frame.  And now I make better choices when purchasing new clothes or putting together an outfit for myself.  So that's why I like that she's tall :)  I had so many amazing pictures of her that this may be a reoccurring post.  So, here the first set of the fabulous Miranda Kerr!


  1. OMG! the first outfit is so me!! lol I love her style! She's gorgeous for sure.

    xo, Jealeyni

  2. Agreed! She is gorgeous!