Thursday, June 12, 2014


Where in the world is my newborn baby going?  Or growing, I should say!  This big boy is 20 and a half pounds!  It's unbelievable how the time goes by and it leaves me with mixed emotions.  Happy to see my little boy grow and develop and change.  But sad because I know he won't be this little for long.  I am trying to cherish these moments as much as possible and be present in this ever changing time.  Here's the scoop on Mr. E!

Chewing on his fist
Bath time

New Skills:
Rolling from tummy to back and vice versa
Sitting for very short periods by himself
Able to sit and play in jumperoo or play chair
Using his voice (we think he sounds like a dinosaur! hehe)

Mr. Man (from me)
Chunkers (from me)
Sir "plug in verb here".. ex. Sir-sleeps-a-lot, Sir-eats-a-lot, Sir-poops-a-lot. (from nathan)

Other notes:
Elliott is a happy baby and pretty easy going for the most part.
Although, I am still up in the night a few times with him feeding.  I think it's about time to move him to his room.. eeee!  We can do it.. we can do it! (pep talking myself) :)

Happy 5 months my sweet, happy boy!


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