Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Little Things

Life at home with an almost 14 month old is not always rainbows & sunshine, but I really do love being a stay at home momma.  I don't miss a moment with Peyton and that means the world to me.  I decided to call this feature 'The Little Things' to show my life at a glance.  It will probably be a regular post of pictures of tid bits from our day.  Our days work around Peyton's eating and sleeping schedule.  Some days we are home all day.  And some days we go on adventures, errands, exploring.  Each day is different and definitely keeps me on my toes!  Here's a little dose of yesterday's activities:

one:  pey's breakfast (this girl loves to eat).  two: closet world appointment, thank goodness our master closet is getting a makeover!  three: i've been reading THIS after the baby goes down for her nap.  im really excited to change the way i eat and products i use to see a difference in my skin and energy! let's hope it helps :)  four: catching up on laundry, i love folding baby clothes. so cute.  five: lunchtime-obsessed with this trader joes salad.  six: outfit, victorias secret bralette (ive been living in these).  gypsy junkies maxi.  necklace designer unknown.  seven: afternoon shopping at anthropologie's spring sale.  found some awesome goodies!  eight: she's such a happy little girl.  

p.s. super annoyed i can't get my pics to line up.  it can't be that hard :/  help!

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