Thursday, March 28, 2013


1. Nike Tank.  I'm not a fan of short/long sleeves when working out unless it's really cold.  I like to have free range of motion, so a tank top is the prime option!
2. Champion Sports Bra.  My favorite sports bra of all time!  Comfortable with a light lining for a slight boost.  And they come in lots of cute color combos!
3. A Kettlebell.  This is a great piece of equipment which fires up large muscles such as legs and butt and small muscles such as abs.  Doing this full body movements will burn more calories, improve posture, and build strength.
4. Lululemon Speed Shorts.  These are lightweight and keep me cool.  I love the rise and that they are a little shorter.  Favorite workout shorts by far.  And I'm diggin' the neon!
5.  The Ultimate Hair Tie does not pull or snag.  It stays put, looks cute, and is comfortable.
6. Jump Rope.  I feel like I get a great warm up in with jump roping.  It is also great to incorporate into the middle of workouts.  Try a 5 minute warm up!
7. Nike Free 5.0 are a great training shoe.  I like them because I can run, lift and do plyometrics all in the same workout and they are great for it all.
8. Dynamax Medicine Ball.  I was first introduced to this ball in a cardio cross training class in college.  We would throw it, carry it, hold it overhead, do pushups on it, wood choppers.. you name it we did it.  A great essential for anyone's workout.
9. AquaHydrate water. Might as well stay hydrated with the best.  Ultra purified, electrolyte enhanced, and ph9+supercharged.

I hope you enjoyed my fitness essentials for March!  


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