Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 hugs & hubby work awards

tutus & balloons

red jacket & cousins 

blogger pose & bestie birthday 

singing & simdog tee

fro yo & family

 swinging & facetime

 new sunnies & a stuck lollipop

date night & twinsies

 girls night & cheers

 sundays at dos lagos & she's 2!

 auntie and grammy & birthday girl

birthday presents & laguna beach

 & my sweet girl

i hardly take my big fancy camera around (i know i should, right!?)  but with a toddler it just isn't always possible.  i have her or her things to hold, my things to hold, and it can get chaotic.  the last thing i want to worry about is carrying around a nice camera and it getting broken.  so my phone is where most of my pictures are taken of my little girl.  so sorry for the blow up of Peyton pictures on my instagram.  i've also been using the app 'afterlight' lately to edit pictures before i put them on instagram.  it has some great effects.  if you're into food, babies, family, and fashion, i welcome you to follow my instagram at jennyelizj. (link on sidebar)

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